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Patreon for Robots and Me

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 15, 2014, 9:35 AM
Icon by Ioana-Muresan

I made a parteon account to support and upcoming webcomic. 

(video coming soon)
Hello, I'm going to create a web comic about the growing relationship between machine and humans. 
Set in the universe of Total Recall 2012, before the destruction of the fall( dun dun dun, spoiler alert ) where a young girl named Alex (short for Alexandra )  that lives in the Colony,  she is a robotic engineer, that works at the U.F.B. ( united federation of Britain) robotic manufacturing plant. 

Life was going pretty good for her, stable job,  some freelance work in the colony, decent apartment, and her fridge always full. 

That until one of her nut job friends drag her along in the conflict between the UFB and the  Resistance. 

They say that life goes up and down like a roller coaster, well her life is like one of those attraction that spins around so fast and you get pinned to the wall and can do nothing about it. 

As you can see in the sample comic that still needs some work done, the comic will start out as various shades of grey or black and white, and little by little color will start to creep on to it.  

So, what happens when her story ends? 
Another begins, simple as that, there will be no shortage of sexy times with robots. 

What kind of content will this web comic be containing? 
A lot of things, mature sexual content, guns violence, bullying, social pariah, shaming.  
I'm going to explore and show you  how society affects people, homophobia, brutality from the police, racism. We are going to explore different  kinds of characters with different social, mental or health problems. All these characters will have one thing in common, robots. 

Why are you in patreon ? 
I need to make a profit out of the free content I'm going to publish, I have hopes that I will be able to gather enough money for printing it one day, I want to be able to find a apartment and be able to survive month by month on my own.    

More text for the description will be added as the project goes forward. 

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(question for the ladies) Playing dragon age, witch character did you romance or want to romance? 

3 deviants said Alistair (Cute virgin boy who hasn't "licked a lamppost in winter" )
3 deviants said Fenris ( the run away salve, God dang it son, I didn't knew you were so fierce in bed)
2 deviants said Nathaniel ( The rouge who took 3 grey wardens to capture, he got good stamina... would hit that )
2 deviants said Anders (The apostate mage... I can't .. he makes me cry and feel bad.. i have a thing for tormented men )
1 deviant said Zevran (The assassin who grew up in a whore house ..... got to get me some of dat)
No deviants said Cullen (the nervous Templar If only.. he's so adorable in the mage origin having a crush on you)
No deviants said Varric (The story teller....Dat ...chest hair ... and the charm )


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